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Kim Kardashians Robbery: What We Need to Understand

If you haven’t heard about the horrific, traumatic incident that Kim Kardashian had recently underwent on October 3rd, then you’re most likely living under a rock. Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint—tied up, her mouth covered with duck tape, locked in a bathroom, begging for her life—and robbed in Paris.

Kim had a whopping total of $10 million worth of jewelry stolen from her that night, including her 20 karat, $4 million diamond engagement ring from Kanye. Now, there are many questions, comments and speculations regarding the Kim Kardashian robbery. Some may ask, where was her body guard at the time? Why wasn’t he there? He obviously wasn’t doing his job, was he? Many say that Kim is an easy target, and that she deserved to be robbed since she flaunted her many jewels and wealthy status via social media. Many people even refer to the way that she dresses—such her tight fitting body con dresses and revealing outfits—and believe that they play a role in her robbery.

Now, don’t get it twisted. I don’t usually “Keep Up With The Kardashians” nor am I a necessary a “fan” of Kim Kardashian but I do respect her. Aside from being a wife, business woman, mother, daughter, sister, and friend… she’s a human, believe it or not. Imagine getting held at gun point and then robbed… that’s horrific. That’s terrifying. That’s something that will leave you scarred for life.

So what if she’s wealthy? Although having lost $10 million worth of jewelry may not put a dent in her wallet, nor will it affect Kim’s wealth in the slightest, her sense of safety was robbed and that’s something that can take a while for one to build back.

So what if the clothing she wears is “revealing” or “too tight…?” It’s her body. It’s her own personal fashion statement. To judge women based on how they dress is a sensitive subject. To say that the way Kim Kardashian dresses is asking for her to get robbed is equivalent to saying that if a girl wears revealing, “slutty” clothes, she is asking to get raped. No. It just doesn’t work like that; you can never blame the victim, and in this case, Kim Kardashian is the victim.

Will Kim change her ways since the horrific event? It’s likely. Although she hasn’t been posting on social media, nor has she spoken out in regards to the event, she most likely won’t flaunt her wealth as much as she already did, as well as she had already switched up her choice of clothing. Her clothing and body language after the robbery say a lot; that the robbery wasn’t staged, and that she truly is trying to cope with this traumatic experience and move on. 

Demetra Zuras is a Public Relations major at Auburn University with an interest in Journalism and Fashion Merchandising. Her future goals consist of moving to the big apple and working for Cosmopolitan. She's a chocoholic, shopping addict and football fanatic. WAR EAGLE! 
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