Introducing our President, Kali Skidelsky

Name: Kali Skidelsky

Age: 19

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Major: English Professional and Public Writing

HC Title: President

How did you hear about Her Campus?

I found Her Campus on Auburn’s involvement website called AU involve. I attended an informational meeting where I learned what Her Campus was all about. Intelligent girls were discussing writing ideas while eating cookies! What could be better?


What made you want to join?

As an English major, I have always had a passion for writing. At Auburn, I wanted to get involved in writing outside my classroom essays. Her Campus has been a great way to use my creative writing in a fun environment. The experience I am gaining in editing, social media and event planning will also help in the future!


What has been your favorite Her Campus memory?

In the spring, Auburn hosted the movie premiere for Melissa McCarthy’s movie, Life of the Party. As a media organization, Her Campus was invited to attend as Press. Cathlene and I got to stand on the red carpet and interview big name movie stars. Meeting Debby Ryan was a dream for me as I got to interview her and hear her admiration for our magazine! We then got to watch the movie with the stars and attend an after party. This was an unforgettable experience in a town I now call home.

What goals do you have for yourself and Her Campus this semester?

For Her Campus, I am really focusing on recruitment and involvement. Not only do I want to learn to lead Her Campus in my new position, but I also want a team of passionate, involved writers! As a sophomore, my goal is to get involved on campus and focus on my leadership roles.


What is your dream job?

My dream job is to work for a publishing company. I have been an avid reader since I was a child. I read 3 to 4 books a week on top of my school readings. I would love to be part of the process that helps author’s get their work published and into reader’s hands.


What is your favorite book/podcast you’ve enjoyed?

Recently, I have been listening to the LadyGang podcast. They just spoke at Her Conference hosted by Her Campus Media. It is a pro-feminism podcast and makes me laugh while informing me on relevant topics.

What has been your favorite Auburn class?

My favorite Auburn Class has been British Literature after 1789 as we got to read and study Jane Austen who is my favorite author!


What advice would you give to new freshmen?

Having just been a freshman myself, I understand how intimidating Auburn’s campus can be. Finding your group is not as easy as it sounds when you are homesick and swamped with school work. I would tell any freshman to brave the concourse and sign up for clubs/groups on campus that peak your interest! Her Campus has given me an excellent platform to grow and meet new people all while helping me with my future success in college.