Introducing Our Editor-in-Chief, Cathlene Cowart

Name: Cathlene Cowart

Age: 21

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

HC Title: Editor-in-Chief


How did you hear about Her Campus?

I was looking around during O-Week and saw this bright pink sign at a table advertising an organization about writing. When I walked up, a group of smiling and friendly girls told me about Her Campus, which I automatically knew was where I belonged. I have enjoyed every minute of my time here, and I'm so glad I followed my instinct to join this organization!


What made you want to join?

As a journalism major, I wanted to join an organization where I could write and put what I learned to practice. I thought about joining the Plainsman, the newspaper, but didn’t feel like "hard" news was where I wanted to be. Her Campus allows me to be flexible about what I want to write, and I can pursue my interests to share with everyone.


What has been your favorite Her Campus memory?

This past spring (2018) Auburn was lucky enough to host a movie premiere for Melissa McCarthy's movie, Life of the Party! Since we're a media organization, we got invited as press to attend. Kali (this year's president) and I went together and had an amazing time. We got to get up close and personal with some of the movie's stars, interviewing them and taking pictures. We didn't get to meet Melissa, but even being 2 feet from her was an experience. We then got to watch the movie for free and go to an after party. Melissa and the other stars even went out and rolled Toomers earlier that day! It made me realize how much I love journalism and how I never want to do anything else.


What has been your favorite Auburn memory?

I have a tie for my favorite Auburn memory! One would be my first time rolling Toomers with my friends. We had gone out for the Homecoming game my sophomore year to watch a movie and get dinner to catch up, and we watched the last bit of the game at the restaurant. We won, and I drove us over to Target to get cheap toilet paper to rush over there. By the time we got there, almost everyone was gone, but we still rolled together and had a blast! It'll always be a favorite memory even though we were so late to do it. Another would be the Homecoming game from my junior year. My dad lived in California at the time, so he and his friend came to visit and took my boyfriend and I to the game! My boyfriend is a die-hard Alabama fan, but he put the rivalry aside to make me happy and I'll never forget the gesture. It made me realize how lucky I am to have him, and it brought my dad and I closer since that was the first game we went to together with me as a student!


What advice would you give to new freshmen?

This is going to sound so cliché, but seriously, follow your dreams. Do what you want to do, even if no one else wants to do it with you. Want to join that cool club about your passion? Do it! Want to go to the arboretum and enjoy the flowers? Do it! You have the freedom to be yourself, and you can’t let people stop you. My freshman year was filled with me driving home every weekend since I was homesick, but I missed out on so many cool opportunities. Enjoy your time, you're really going to miss it when you’re a senior like me. Also, create an Auburn bucketlist, it'll inspire you to do the things you want before you graduate!


What goals do you have for Her Campus and for yourself this semester?

For Her Campus, I want to do everything I can to make sure Kali is ready to lead once I leave. I also want to make sure we host some events to thank our lovely team and readers for what they do. I want to enjoy my last semester as part of the team to the fullest! For myself, my goal is to graduate and not get too stressed.


What is your dream job?

My dream job is working for a lifestyle magazine, either online or in print. I'd love to start off as a journalist, and then hopefully work my way up to an editor position! Right now, Cosmopolitan would be the dream magazine I'd work for, but I'm open to wherever my career takes me.


What is your favorite book/podcast you've enjoyed?

My favorite book series is a young adult one called the Mortal Instruments. It's about these people (Shadowhunters) who fight demons and protect the people of New York! There are also series that are sequels and prequels, which I also enjoy a bunch. I highly recommend them!


What has been your favorite Auburn class?

My favorite Auburn class is a journalism one, Advanced Magazine and Feature Writing. I took it as a first semester senior, and I feel like it was the true test of my journalistic abilities. My teacher, Professor Fairley, was really helpful and made sure we all succeeded but she also made it clear about what would be expected of us in the field. I honestly wrote some of my favorite articles in that class, and it made me work harder to step my game up!