Ingrid Schnader: HC Auburn's New Editor-in-Chief

Ingrid Schnader is a sophomore who has stepped up her game this semester as a leader for Her Campus Auburn, so much so that we have decided to make her editor-in-chief of HC Auburn for the next school year. Check Ingrid’s latest article, and prepare for her and Terea (the future president) to take over the entire campus.

Terea Abernathy and Ingrid Schnader 


Major Journalism

Jenners or Kardashians? Jenners  --I adore the Kendall and Kylie clothing line, and I can’t stand to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

What superhero would you be and why? Violet from the Incredibles. She’s awesome, because she not only can create forcefields, but she also has the power of invisibility! Plus she’s super smart, and I love that. I basically wanted to be her my entire childhood.

What’s your favorite thing about Her Campus? I love Her Campus, because I was scared that I would have trouble making new friends in Auburn, because I had no desire to join a sorority —it just wasn’t my thing. Her Campus gave me the opportunity to be a part of a close-knit group of intelligent girls who are all unique and talented in their own ways! No two Her Campus writers are the same, and it’s been very memorable so far to be a part of this group.

Dream career? I love editing, because it combines writing and reading. Not only do you have an opportunity to write down your thoughts, but you also get a chance to read some interesting stories during the process! My dream career would be reading and editing magazine articles or books from my home computer; I wouldn’t want to have to go to an office every day. 


We wish you the best of luck next year, Ingrid!