If You're Going to Shame Melania for "Flaunting" Her Ring, Then Shame Me Too

Since when do we expect women to be ashamed of their wedding/engagement/anniversary rings?

This is the photo I posted when I got engaged. No one told me that I was being "classless" by "flaunting" my ring—in fact, I didn't get any negative comments or messages at all. Why is Melania held to a different standard in her White House portrait?

I know my ring isn't worth $3 million, so some may say that I'm comparing apples to oranges. But the day we tell women they should exchange their fancy rings for something more conservative when those women decide to take photos (yes, I actually saw someone on Facebook make this claim) is the day that feminism starts moving backward.

I took this picture and posted it because I'm proud of the commitment my fiancé and I made. I'm excited for our future, and this ring is a symbol of those feelings.

Besides, can you imagine if Melania did switch her ring for a different one, or even if she just took it off? The media would jump on that story, saying it's a cry for help and that she's unhappy with her marriage.

Melania can't win.

No matter what side you're on, we as women need to decide to stick together, stop calling each other names and start building each other up. It's fine to disagree with Melania, but you're only hurting yourself if you constantly tear other women down.

Have you ever complained about the impossible standards that women are held to? Holding Melania to an impossible standard will only make it worse.