How to Tackle Finals Like a Pro

Make a Plan

Worried about how to kick-off your studying? Here is an idea—write down all the exams you have this upcoming week, organize them by which ones come first, and plan how much time you are going to allot to studying for each exam, giving more significance to the first one and so on.

Create Your Own Study Guides

Collect your notes from lectures, PowerPoints, textbooks, etc. and combine them to create the perfect study guide. While studying, focus on each topic by recognizing and studying the details, then use the study guide as a refresher right before the exam, in case you need to jog your memory.

Relieve Your Stress

Have you been sitting in the library for hours, yet you cannot seem to focus anymore? Go walk around outside. Maybe even go for a run on campus. Many people find running a great stress-reliever because of the release of endorphins. If you have never done this as a study break, try it. You never know what you may like.

Form a Study Group

If there is a class you are having a particularly hard time studying for, grab a group of fellow classmates and work together on the subject. Many times, the input of other people is more memorable; one of your friends may bring up a topic you completely forgot to study. You never know what you may learn!

Change Your Setting

Tired and bored of sitting in RBD? Change it up a bit! Find a nice, quiet section in the student center, grab a blanket and sprawl out on Samford, or drive off campus to a relaxing coffee shop, and set up there. You never know, a change in scenery might be just what you need to the job done.


Yes, I know it is exam week, and there is absolutely no time for sleep. However, rest is a vital necessity to performing well and having a good week. With this being said, use your time during the day, do not procrastinate, and then that all-nighter really will not seem so necessary.