How to Survive Spring Semester Without Football 101

Officially 34 Saturdays until college football returns but whose counting? For most of us living in the South and attending an SEC school, football is not just a game, it’s a coveted lifestyle. So come spring semester, our Saturdays are filled with a sad, empty void with nothing left to do but YouTube videos of the Kick Six and reminisce on the good ole’ days. But never fear, now with a whole 2 days of freedom a week, the possibilities of adventure is endless and will definitely help pass the time until September rolls around again.

1. Spend all afternoon hanging on Samford Lawn in your eno.

With nothing else to do on a Saturday, grab your pals, some snacks, maybe your history book and enjoy the cool weather! If you can’t spend your afternoon in Jordan Hare Stadium, hanging out by Samford is the next best option.


2. Explore new places around the area.

Being an out of state student, I’ve never really ventured far out of Auburn. Spend the weekend exploring new places around Alabama. I’ve heard the shopping in Birmingham is fabulous, the hiking in Chewacla is pretty rad and Mobile’s beaches are the perfect getaway for a homesick Florida girl! Just make sure not to cross enemy lines (Tuscaloosa, we see you).


3. Head to the Peach State!

Thankfully Georgia’s boarder is only about 45 minutes from Auburn so if you’re up for the drive, Atlanta and all the malls await you. Or play tourist for the day and check out the zoo, aquarium or World of Coke! Let’s not forget Six Flags for those thrill seeker types. Trust me, riding roller coasters all day will help dull the pain of missing football season.


4. Last but not least, stay in bed and dream about Auburn football.

Just kidding, but seriously, spend some time relaxing and gearing up for tailgating and another riveting yet stress inducing football season in the fall. Order brunch to-go from the Hound and spend all day curled up watching Friends. Afterall, pretty soon our Saturdays are going to be busy again so enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.