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How to Paint the Perfect Cooler

Fraternity formal season is coming up and we all know what that means for us collegiettes: Cooler painting time! Since the guys are gracious enough to pay for a trip to New Orleans (or wherever the fraternity may be headed) for us, we need to make them a cooler that is out of this world. Here are step by step instructions on painting the perfect cooler for your date. 1. Pick the Right Cooler: Go big or go home on this one (but not too big!). Head to Walmart, Academy, or Target to pick up your cooler. Remember that the flatter the sides, the easier to paint. Avoid coolers with lots of crevasses because what you are painting will appear distorted.  2. Buy Your Supplies: You will need sand paper, painters tape, white spray paint, acrylic paint, Mod-Podge, paint brushes, and waterproof sealant (they make it specifically for plastic). 3. Figure Out Your Designs: Ask your date what his favorite kind of beer or liquor is, what his favorite sports team is, or his favorite brands. Make it personal! 4. Prepare the Cooler for Painting: Sand down all the sides. Line the part in between the lid and the rest of the cooler with blue painters tape, and spray paint all the sides white. I suggest at least two coats of white spray paint so you get even coverage. 5. Get Creative! The best way I’ve discovered to get the perfect design is to print out the logo or picture, trace the outline it with a mechanical pencil, then freehand the design. But if you aren’t a crafty person, there is an easy way to get a perfect design. Get some tissue paper and trace the logo on to it. Then tape the tissue paper to the cooler and trace the lines with a sharpie. You will get a faint line that can be easily filled in with the paint!6. Paint Your Heart Out: This is as easy as it sounds. Take your time and use small brushes for the details. 7. Seal it Up: Once you have completed your painting, cover the entire cooler in layer of Mod-Podge. Once it’s dry add another, and then another, coat. When the Mod-Podge is dry spray the whole thing with sealant. The more coats the better! 8. And Lastly… Fill the finished product with his favorite beer or liquor, and have a great time on formal! 

Nicole is a senior at Auburn University majoring in journalism with a minor in marketing. She is a Campus Corespondent (CC) for Auburn's chapter. She enjoys long walks to class, fine wines and cheeses and spending time with her cat. Nicole can most likely be found at a music festival or in her bed. There are no inbetweens.
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