How Not to Waste Your Summer

In about 3 weeks we will be free! Free from college responsibilities. Free from attending classes. Free from the frantic stress of studying. We all need that break, but there are plenty of things to do instead of recovering from your busy semester for two months. Yes girl, then it’s acceptable to call you Lazyy! Most people's first go-to answer for the "What are you doing this summer" question is "taking classes." That's perfect for some people, sometimes, but taking classes all year long, doesn’t work for everybody.


Be productive

If your plan is to take it easy this summer, do something fun! Fun doesn’t always mean traveling out of the country. Have fun by learning a new skill. Maybe learn how to bake or take a fitness with your friends.


Explore new foods, maybe you do some traveling in your state. Make a bucket list of new places to try out. Experiment with that new Asian BBQ restaurant or even go to a historical park for a picnic.

Get a job

Find one that is interesting and easy. Kill two birds with one stone by working somewhere or volunteering at a place that correlates with your major.

Get certified

Choose something that could be useful to add to your resume.

Find ways to make money doing things you love

No one likes working over the summer when tanning by the poolside is more ideal. Try being a summer nanny if you love kids! This way, you won't be stuck in one place all day and can make money while watching your neighbor’s kids at the pool while you tan!

Learn to cook

Practice making tasty meals that are quick and can be used in college life.

Have fun! Experience life and enjoy life! Summer if the time to be productive and have fun too. Soon enough we'll be so busy, we won't have time for even a little bit of summer. This is the best time to plan for your semester ahead and explore new interests and do things out of your ordinary. What's better than long days and warm calming nights. It's such a cliché, but the possibilities seriously are endless! Well, until summer is actually over. You might even need to make a bucket list Enjoy summer no matter what you do!