How To Decorate Your Dorm For Christmas On A College Budget

As December is only a couple days away, and finals are also just around the corner, I know I need something to keep me going while I’m up late studying for my exams. Obviously, a full size Christmas tree may not exactly fit in a tiny dorm, so here are some other small decorations you can put up around your room that will have you feeling super festive. *Also, when I decorated my dorm, the only places I went were the Dollar Tree and the dollar section at Target, so if you’re balling on a budget like me, these are the ideas for you.*


1. String Lights

Any kind of string lights are the perfect holiday decoration, and you may already have them hung up in your dorm! If not, all you have to do is find a clear wall to tape them on, usually by your bed is best! It also looks SO cozy when your lights are off and a warm glow fills the room.


2. Small Decorative Trinkets

Since we couldn’t get a full size tree, me and my roommate got these super cute mini Christmas trees to put in any free space in our room. I would suggest just going to the dollar store and looking for little decorations, like those stuffed animals that play music when you press their foot, or just anything that’s sparkly and lights up!


3. Christmas Bedding

I know that bedding and decorative pillows can get expensive, but splurging on one or two little things won't be THAT bad. You can reuse holiday pillows and blankets for years after you get them! If you haven't already, I would suggest getting soft jersey sheets and PILING your bed with blankets. I know my dorms are always freezing, especially in the winter, so putting yourself in a blanket burrito is your best option at getting toasty.


4. Door Decorating

When I decorated my door, it definitely became the most festive part of our whole room. All you have to do is get any kind of Christmas wrapping paper and tape it on your door. Then, you choose how you want to decorate it! You can make it look like a present and put a big bow in the middle of your door, or you can just put different decorations on it and call it a day. Any way you do it, it’s gonna look great, because any kind of Christmas decorations look great! I mean, it’s CHRISTMAS, the best holiday of the year, in my opinion.