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Home Sweet Apartment! (DIY)

If you are anything like me, getting settled and comfortable in your new home, whether that be a dorm or an apartment, and decorating it to your specific taste is essential to starting the year off right! I spent all this past summer scavenging thrift stores, Habitat Restores, and yard sales looking for one man’s trash that I could give a little DIY love and transform into my treasure, and boy did I score big! So, after all my (and my mother’s and sister’s) hard work getting my lovely apartment into its adorable shape, I invite you to take a look (and hopefully be inspired, as well)!

There are so many fun things you can find around you for cheap that you can turn into your own, and I hope all my little DIY décor projects have inspired you to do some yourself! I definitely suggest taking a look at Pinterest, walking around your attic or garage, and hitting up your local thrift store for more inspiration! And if it seems like too much work, just keep in mind that you’ll get to show it all off once you’re done – and that’s definitely half the fun! 

Junior Creative Writing Major at Auburn University
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