Grace VanderWaal: Why the America’s Got Talent Season 11 Winner is Everyone’s Newest Girl Crush

If you are like me and usually stick to binge-watching old shows on Netflix rather than watch actual cable television as it airs, you may have missed this season of America’s Got Talent. However, this season’s winner, twelve-year-old singer Grace Vanderwaal, cannot be overlooked. I mean, harsh judge Simon Cowell told her that she had the potential to be the next Taylor Swift by just her two-minute audition, which was then followed by a standing ovation from all four judges and the golden buzzer that sent her straight to the live shows. Still not convinced? Well, get ready to spend the next few hours non-stop listening to her originals on her YouTube channel and stalking her adorable, perfectly styled bangs on Instagram, because I’m about to tell you why this ukulele-playing twelve-year-old is your newest girl crush. 

1. She has no idea how good she is. 

Grace is so incredibly humble and adorable and she admits at her audition that none of her friends know she even sings. Kind of an amazing talent to keep quiet, if you ask me. It is so obvious that she is soaking up every moment she has on the show and is always noticeably surprised when the crowd cheers for her—which is every time she hits the stage. Check out her incredible audition by clicking on the link below! I dare you to try not and get chills when she gets the golden buzzer. 

2. Grace writes all of her own songs.

Giving Taylor Swift some competition for relatable, sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs anthems, Grace’s songs are inspired by her own experiences. This twelve-year-old winner’s words are beautifully chosen and relate to girls all around the world that have felt similar emotions. My personal favorite is “Clay”, which she sang in the finals round of the competition. During her audition, she sang another original, “I Don’t Know my Name”, about feeling lost and unheard. Grace had the opportunity to sing it again after she was named the season 11 winner. You may want to grab some tissues if young girls accomplishing their wildest dreams and becoming millionaires gives you all the feels. 

3. Her style. Her bangs. The gap teeth. The cat ears. 

 Need I say more? Her ukuleles even go with her outfits. I’m considering chopping my hair and never wearing my retainer again. 

4. She gets us.

Grace has her own celebrity crushes and her lyrics are so #relatable. Because we got to see Grace grow through the process and become a winner, she doesn’t seem like a celebrity far off in the distance. She is like our little sister, the cool girl at school, or the friend that is always cracking jokes. 

Here is the link to all of Grace's performances on this season of America's Got Talent. We're so excited to hear more from you, Grace!