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Like all good books, this too shall come to an end. But at every end there is a new beginning and I am absolutely thrilled to see where this next chapter leads me. In two weeks, graduating seniors will be saying their last goodbyes- to their closest friends, to their old dorm room and to the Toomer’s oaks. While these goodbyes are sure to be filled with tears, they should be happy tears because after all, we will always be a part of the Auburn Family. Here is my goodbye letter to this place that I call home. 

Goodbye Loveliest Village on the Plains with the friendliest people and happiest dogs. I will miss walking to class under the shade of blooming dog wood trees every spring. I will miss the beautiful fall colors on display in October, and the smell of bbq and tailgating on the weekends. I will miss cheering on the Tigers in Jordan-Hare, screaming at the top of my lungs and shaking my shaker like there is no tomorrow. Goodbye favorite corner booth at Newk’s and favorite study room in Mell; I will miss the laughs I shared with great friends sitting there. Goodbye Toomer’s lemonade and Steel City Pops; two things you absolutely must enjoy while sitting on Samford Lawn. Goodbye Samford clock tower, I will miss driving past you on the way to class and hearing the fight song play at noon. Goodbye Chick-fil-a in the student center, where I spent approximately 500 hours in line throughout all of college, waiting for some comfort food. Goodbye Aubie, I will miss your hugs and peppy personality. Goodbye College of Ag, my home and the reason why Auburn was deemed “Cow College” all those years ago. Goodbye Coffee Cat and the Hound, I will miss eating Saturday brunch with my gals, dressing up cute and always trying to find someone to take our picture in front of the doors. Goodbye Agave Loco, I will miss your delicious queso and margaritas and $5 lunch specials.  Goodbye Village dorms, where I met my first friends, shared many Domino’s pizzas, tears and stories from back home. Goodbye RBD, I will miss your familiar smell and the joy it brings me to walk out of your front doors at midnight, ready to conquer my exam in the morning. Goodbye Oak Trees, it has been quite a journey; I was here when you were re-planted in February of 2014 and again a few years later. I hope that you continue to thrive and the next time I return, you are healthy enough to be rolled. Goodbye to all the Auburn Men and Women who make this campus feel like home; to the students and faculty alike, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you all.

 As we go through life, we lay down roots in the places that feel like home with the people who feel like family. My roots are planted deep in Auburn, Alabama and I know this place will always be here to accept me with open arms when I return. I sure will miss you Auburn, goodbye for now. 

Animal Science major with a passion for writing. Crazy cat lover, avid diet coke drinker and a shopping addict. 
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