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Former AU Football Player Turned Model

Name: Wirth Campbell

Age: 23

Involvement: Former Auburn football player

Major: Business administration

Graduated: May 2015

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Athletic Career: Former tight end for Auburn Tigers

Current Career: Model

What do you miss most about Auburn? I miss playing football. Mostly the guys and the brotherhood. I miss being a part of something bigger than myself.

Would you rather be a professional football player or a model?  Model, definitely. 

Do you have any pets? Yes! Two cats, Leo and Luna. 

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Definitely, hearing someone chew. 

What advice would you give a current Auburn student?  Get involved in some way. When someone says it goes by insanely fast, they mean it.  Don’t blink.

Freshman at Auburn University.  Journalism major.  Cam Newton fan girl.
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