Finding Stripes that Fit: Fall and Winter Advice Column MEGA EDITION

Ariel and Hannah are back it again with our Fall and Winter tips in this mega addition advice column. Alabama fall can be a confusing time with the fluctuation between hot and cold weather. Known as “sick weather,” an Auburn Tigrette must be savvy with what to wear in order to stay chic and comfortable. Here is some advice from the column writers and guest columnist Ameera!


Ariel’s Advice

Go to outfits:  Dress-shirt, leggings, scarf, cute purse and boots. Go-to color: Earthtones and warm, holiday colors.

(Pictured: Long sleeve cardigan, black camisole, nice black leggings, taupe booties and jewelry from Charming Charlie)

Fall and Winter are my super seasons. I feel like I am at my prime for when it is cold.  For the transitioning weather, I suggest dressing sensibly with something that makes you comfortable.

Colds spread around quick at Auburn—I feel that poor clothing choices could be the main cause. For instance, wear nike shorts and chacos instead of a sweater when it is 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Dress in a way that you will not get too hot, but not too cold either.

As you will see for Hannah and Ameera, layering is key.  Auburn’s campus can vary in temperature room to room, building to building. If you layer right, you can peel off when you’re hot, and put back on when you’re cold.  

Hannah’s Advice:

Fall and winter are my favorite times of year, because all of my cute clothes can come out of the closet to play. This season is made for cardigans, long dresses and skirts, sweaters and cute leggings. Here, I want to show what works for me this time of year.

    My basic fall outfit is a pair of warm leggings, a sweater, or a blouse and cardigan combo.

Scarves are often my best friends when it comes to accessoring my outfits. I especially love infinity scarves, because they add definition to look as well as differing lengths.

Adding lengths and having varying kinds of length (short shirt and long jacket, medium length scarf and long dress, etc.) make your outfit look varied; there’s something visually appealing about these optical differences.

Layers are another important element for me. Like adding different lengths to my outfit, having different layers improves the look of an outfit for me. In winter especially, having different layers helps to fight the cold as well as aid the transition from cold outside to toasty inside.

Here’s some of my favorites:

When it comes to nice clothes during this time of year, I have so much to work with! I love dresses and I love matching them with cute tights and leggings and accessories.

Long skirts and dresses also become a necessity because of the cold. Maxi dresses paired with cardigans and long skirts paired with a sweater or a long sleeve are always cute.

Fall and winter may seem a little far, but like they say, it’s coming. Stay prepared and stay fashionable!!

Ameera’s Advice:

I personally think leggings are a girl’s best friend when it comes to fall and winter. They’re comfortable, and you can wear them with anything. Plus, you can dress them up or down, and I find them warm (for the most part).


Layers also do well in the fall or winter. You can layer shirts or sweaters and stay warm while also looking cute. When it comes to layers, I say be careful with what you choose, because you don’t want to put a sweater on top of another and feel like it’s too tight or feel uncomfortable. To avoid this, I put a bigger sweater or jacket on last.

Black is a great color for fall and winter. I think it’s dark enough for the weather and chic enough for a in-style outfit. If you wear a color that’s too bright, it can seem like you’re stuck in another season. For instance, bright colors are more so for summer. Blacks and grays are perfect for the fall and winter.

I think cardigans and big sweaters are helpful with walking on campus and sitting in class. I hate walking around holding a coat or trying to sit in class with too many things. I am the type of person that would rather wear two sweaters than to wear a coat, plus I think it makes walking on campus easier.

Everyone also needs at least one pair of Uggs. I think they have the perfect amount of comfort to help with walking on campus and moving around. They also look great with many different outfits. One of my favorites is the sweatshirt, leggings, and Uggs.

I also think booties are another good shoe, especially when you live in Alabama. They’re perfect for those cold Alabama mornings that lead into the warm afternoons. Wearing booties prevents from that discomfort you feel when you have on boots in the afternoon. They keep you warm without keeping you too warm.

Stay warm, and happy shopping!