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Finding Stripes That Fit In Auburn


I am a size 18 with a size 12 foot, in other words, I am a girl with curves and a girl who loves her curves. I am quite healthy and a pretty good cook (just ask my friends!) to boot. I can wear an extra-large depending on how much give there is in the chest area, a normal cut jean if it is long enough, but for shoes I am limited to a 12 with lots of wiggle room.

 Just from that description, you can mark off many options for me to shop at—especially in Auburn, of all places. And you know, I’m pretty used to it, but the one thing I learned growing up when it came to expressing myself through clothing is to either make do or make change.  I have found a way to do both, and for the other Auburn tigresses out there with curves, you can too.

Coming from a medium-sized city (Huntsville) and going all over for clothes (Athens, Atlanta, Birmingham, Cullman and Nashville), Auburn has a limited selection of plus-sized apparel.  As a person that dresses nice every day no matter how exhausted (it’s how I cope with being tired all the time), finding a couple of outfits for a night out or even a change of pace can get a little tricky.  

The Mall: Make Do

Auburn Mall…is not that great, but when it comes to “making do” it gets the job done.

I have found when looking for an outlet in your clothing quest, go to the department stores available: Belk, Dillard’s and JC Penney.

“Ew!” some of you may gag, but there are plenty of hidden gems and great grabs within a department store.  My tip is to go with purpose. What are you specifically looking for? Is it jeans? A cute dress, a nice top?  Go to the store that has most of your favorite brands and size range, then shop from there. Check their online store. Can it be shipped to the store?

In my case, Belk, out of all the department stores in the Auburn Mall, carries the most clothing that fits me personally.

Key of department store digging: Don’t be afraid to shop in the “older” section. Some clothing that may be designed for older women can be dressed down or dressed up to fit your style; find the potential in everything!

Maurices is another store within the Auburn Mall that I frequent a lot and would recommend. Their sizes range from one to 24 with great variety. Although a little pricy despite the occasional poor fabric quality, I love their layering style and feel. It’s a great store to get basics such as tanks, camisoles, cardigans and jeans.  If in a rush, it is a good one-and-done store for a quick school outfit and updating business attire.

Tiger Town: Make Do

Tiger Town is Auburn’s (Actually Opelika) strip mall located off of Glenn Avenue.  It is more modern than the Auburn mall with broader options to choose from for clothing.  There is Kohl’s, Old Navy, Ross, Target, Tjmaxx and many more.

Tjmaxx is my top recommendation for their plus size collection. There are many great grabs just waiting to be found there, especially in the plus section.  Although a little overwhelming with the setup (I had to teach myself to be a digger), you can piece together a great outfit of good quality with some work.  The best time to go is around season change, when there are major sales (like, NOW).

Other recommendations within Tiger Town: Target, Old Navy, Ross

Key to Tiger Town shopping: Learn when stores restock their clothing. This can make finding your size easier, especially when it’s fresh on the hanger!

Plato’s Closet: Make Change

Plato’s Closet is located off of Opelika Road in the same shopping plaza of Earth Fare and Panera Bread. A modest size, it presents a decent spread of clothing.  A consignment shop, clothing in Plato’s closet go through a strict selection process to be accepted for sale.  Although secondhand, what you see on the hanger is typically good quality apparel.

Plato’s Closet has always been tricky for me. Many swear by it and have found great outfits for less there. Unfortunately for me, the times I have gone to on the quest for the perfect outfit, I was met with disappointment with not finding much in my size. However, this could change with more curvy girls donating their clothing (you can even get payment for what you give!). The more we give, the more options we can have in affordable places like Plato’s closet.

Happy Shopping!

Shopping curvy in a small town can be difficult, but it is doable. In a society that frowns on curviness (despite many of today’s women being considered plus sized), we should embrace our curves and get creative with how we make do with our size options.  Go forth tigress, show off those stripes of yours!

Any tips or suggestions you would like to add? Comment below!

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