A Fall Semester Challenge: Are You Ready?

As the dawn of a new semester peaks over the horizon, I would like to ask all my collegiettes to join me in a challenge. 

Yes, school is two weeks away, and yes, a challenge! It's absolutely free and benefits the most important person in your life…YOU! 

I challenge you to make a change this year. To go into this semester with the highest of hopes, while looking for the grandest of possibilities around every corner. This is the time in your life where staying stagnant is not an option! Whether it’s the start of your freshman year or the tail end of your senior year, I have the advice to start your year off right.

If you’re a freshman:

  • Go out there and make new friends! No, they won’t replace the dear ones you’ve known all your life, but they will make for great partners in crime in your college shenanigans!
  • Join a club! And one is definitely enough! I know you probably went a little crazy at orientation, signing up for more events than you have time for, but that’s okay! Pick one and stick to it! It gives you an outlet from stressful school work and helps build your time management skills.
  • Stay out late! This may seem like the worst advice EVER, but hear me out! In college, some of the best adventures don’t start until 10:30pm!  Bonfires, slumber parties, late night food runs, or cram sessions….there are so many options!
  • If you didn’t call/talk to your family on a regular basis, START!

P.S. You don’t have to tell them about how late you stayed out! ;)

If you’re a sophomore:

  • Switch up your crew! It’s okay to revisit an awkward conversation you had a year ago with the kid from math class.
  • Participate in that event you admired during your freshman year! I promise you, it will be 10x more fun this year!

If you’re a junior:

  • Hopefully you have found yourself by now; if not, I encourage you to START LOOKING! Begin to mold yourself into the adult you want to be!
  • Just say no! At this stage, you’ve attended every party, sports event, pep rally, and concert your college had to offer. This semester, learn to enjoy your own company and make good habits.

If you’re a senior… there may not be much to change. But there is so much to prepare: 

  • Start researching job opportunities! I know it sounds scary, but it’s time to put all this knowledge to use in the real world. Better to start looking now, rather than scramble for one later. 
  • Try wearing real clothes! This time next year, you’ll be in someone’s corporate office where running shorts and leggings aren’t in the dress code. This is the perfect excuse for a shopping spree!
  • Apartment shop in your dream city... and if your dream city costs too much, shop in your back-up dream city!
  • Be aware that all eyes are on you! You have Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors looking up to you. What you do may influence the next generation, so set a good example!

I wish nothing but PEACE, PATIENCE, and STRENGTH for all my collegiettes!