Everything You Didn't Learn in Health Class

Quickly think back to your high school health class (for those of you fortunate enough to have that course available to you). I recall labeling crudely photocopied diagrams and trying to figure out what the heck vas deferens did. In addition to this mind-numbing curriculum our teacher provided us with multi-media teaching tools that included the Lifetime original “She’s Too Young” and an outdated birthing video that was the butt (no pun intended) of the freshmen boys’ jokes for the weeks ahead. My health class was shrouded in vagueness and snickering innuendos coming from the back of the room. For most of my own puberty related struggles and inquiries in the previous grades, I turned to American Girl’s “The Care and Keeping of You” which honestly has the absolute best of intentions, but still scarred me for the rest of my formative years (What do you mean I’ll be bleeding for the rest of my life?!). There had to be some middle ground between receiving an informal sex education on the back of the bus and learning alongside a pack of juvenile hyenas. 

Enter Laci Green. 

Hailing from San Francisco, YouTuber Laci Green hosts the video series “Sex+” which addresses human sexuality, relationships, gender, and pretty much everything else you should know as a young college woman. Next to Mindy Kaling and Jennifer Lawrence, Laci is one of my top girl crushes. She approaches these topics with honesty and accessibility and what results is sex education for the 21st century. She’s basically the cool, online sister you never had. 

I applaud (and adore) Laci for her informative, yet unbiased approach to presenting sexuality. You decided to practice abstinence? That’s a-okay! You’re sexually expressive? Stellar! From pregnancy to periods, Laci makes sure you have all the details to make the right, informed decision for you! What a novel idea! 

In addition to her videos about sexuality, Laci also talks about body image and deftly navigates the sometimes tricky topics of BMI, “thinsperation”, and fast shaming. Her talks are a much needed breath of fresh air from the media’s “fast fix-you” perspective. 

Sex+ isn’t exclusively for a female audience either. Laci covers a breadth of issues that college gents should familiarize themselves with (especially her videos on masculinityobjectification, and consent). I strongly encourage all collegiettes to check out a few of her videos because I guarantee you’ll learn something.

Plus, if Matilda (Mara Wilson) likes Sex+, you should too!

P.S: You can request for Laci to come to Auburn here


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