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Easy Ways to Develop Good Cleaning Habits

If you’re anything like me, cleaning is your least favorite thing whether it be just your room or, dare I say it, the whole house. Not because I’m sloppy, but because it takes time that I don’t have. However, there are some easy ways to minimize the need for huge cleaning sessions.

1) Do it now before you get overloaded

This is something my mom used to tell me time and time again. It may be easier to just throw your clothes on the floor or leave the glass on the counter, but think about how much you really won’t want to clean once things get piled up. Doing it as soon as it needs to be done makes it  easier in the long run and helps develop good cleaning habits from the start, even you have to force yourself to do it for a while.

2) Delegate jobs

This works exceptionally well for me and my roommate. Neither of us are very tidy people, so not much voluntary cleaning gets done around our apartment. I hate taking out the garbage, and she hates doing dishes. We swap chores; everyone is happy. The important part here is remembering to keep up your end of the deal. If it’s a big job, like vacuuming the entire house, then tag team. Make sure your comrade hold up her end, but try not to nag. 

3) Avoid ‘hiding spaces’

One of my worst habits is taking things, like clothes, and making them disappear (a.k.a. shoving them into the abyss under my bed). It doesn’t make me a magician, it makes me lazy. Try to avoid those “out of sight, out of mind” places when trying to build cleaning habits. Sure, the mess may go away for now, but it’s an easy way to lose your favorite shirt or attract some unwelcome pests.

Cleaning might not be fun, and some of us may dread it, but keeping a clean space definitely has its benefits. Keeping a living area clean, be it your room, kitchen, or any other room, helps improve mood and organization. I hate cleaning, but I must admit that removing all the clutter and gunk helps brighten my day and kickstarts my motivation. 

I'm a chemical engineering major with an intense passion for chemistry puns. I believe words hold more power than people give them credit and should always be used wisely.
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