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Dear Her Campus: A Graduating Collegiette’s Farewell Letter

Dear Her Campus,

I remember the first day I noticed the pink banner on a table during Auburn’s O-Days. I remember attending the first meeting of Auburn’s branch of Her Campus and meeting all the wonderful women I would work with throughout my college career. I remember when my first article was published and when our chapter bought our first t-shirts. I remember promoting incredible events that would take place on Auburn’s campus because nationals chose our school to represent them. More than two years later and a few days before my college graduation, here I am writing a farewell letter to both the Her Campus platform and the fantastic group of women that make up Auburn’s branch of the online magazine.

I want to start by saying thank you to the women who started Her Campus. Thank you for creating an outlet for college women to share their words and ideas. Whether it involves serious subjects like mental health or entertainment news like Emma Watson’s latest fashion choice, the content on Her Campus allows every writer to have a distinct voice. Because of you, college women across the nation now have a platform written by them and written for them.

To all of the women in the Auburn chapter, thank you for making our branch what it is today. Watching our numbers grow over the years and seeing our group reach platinum status was the most exciting part of being a member of the chapter. Thank you for all the events I have been a part of the last two years. Although our budget was small, we always put on such fun and original events. Being chosen for College Fashion Week was an incredible opportunity, and I loved meeting celebrity stylist Joiee Thorpe during our People Style Watch event. Aside from these, the creativity behind Princess Week sticks out the most when it comes to events. Where else would I have the opportunity to see President Gouge wearing a princess crown?

To Kerry Coppinger, our president, and Alexis Brost, our editor-in-chief, thank you for letting me be a part of such a lovely group of women and an excellent organization. Without all of the experience I gained from working and writing with this chapter, I would have never landed my internship in Nashville this summer at one of my favorite magazines. I have loved working with both of you and wish you all the luck in the future.

Looking back, I realize this has turned more into a thank-you note than a farewell letter. Honestly there are hundreds of other things I could still mention. I could say thank you to the women behind the Campus Cutie section for doing all of the hard work for us. I could give a shout out to all the Her Campus writers who write about One Direction and put all my favorite Harry Styles gifs in one place. I could go on and on, but all of this can easily be summed up with a single sentence.

Thanks for everything, Her Campus.

Sincerely,Taylor Pittman


All images taken from Her Campus Auburn University’s Facebook page.

Taylor loves The Beatles, River Phoenix movies and vinyl records. She can usually be found dancing at a concert or discussing how she was born in the wrong decade.
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