Cute Puppy Gifs to Reward Yourself With for Surviving the First Full Week of Classes

Is there anything more relaxing than looking at pictures and videos of cute puppies? Well, maybe pictures and videos of other cute animals, but who can compare those sweet little faces. Even though it's only been a week and a half of classes, most people are swamped with homework and impending quizzes. While it can be tempting to push through and work until it's all over, a break is the healthiest way to handle everything on your to-do list. When I take breaks, they tend to be long, often involving food or napping. The best kinds of breaks are the short ones, where you clear your head and then get back into it. While it'll be easy to get sucked into a YouTube spiral of dog videos, these gifs can satisfy your need without the loss of hours of productive time. Plus, these cute fluff balls have encouraging reminders for your semester and life!


"Keep working toward your goals!"

No matter how many times he falls down, this puppy is determined to get up that slide. Take a cue from this motivated pup and chase after your goals wholeheartedly. You'll never get anywhere if you don't put in the work, so jump right into it with everything you've got!


"Laughing with friends is the best stress relief!"

Look at these howling fluff balls! They're so happy, even if some of them look confused at what's happening. When it comes to great times with friends, live in the moment, laugh as loud as you're able to and love with all your heart. Friends are the siblings (or litter mates) you get to choose, so choose the best ones!


"It's okay to make mistakes!"

Mistakes are inevitable, humans (and puppies!) make mistakes all the time. The important part is figuring out how to fix the problem and moving on. Look at this cute set of puppies, tumbling down simultaneously. You know they got right back up afterwards to keep playing, as should you!


"Cuddle up with a blanket and get plenty of rest!"

Sleep is so necessary for college students, so don't forget to get lots of it! Whether it's sleeping a lot at night (which is best) or taking a power nap after a long day, catch some z's to feel refreshed and energized. Plus, this weather is great for grabbing the fluffiest blanket ever for a snuggly cuddle.


"Make new friends!"

While it's great to have that core group of friends you can always count on, don't be afraid to branch out. Whether it's talking to the person beside you in class or the person with the awesome shoes in line behind you, friends keep life interesting. Plus, like these pugs demonstrate, they're perfect for going on adventures with!


"You're doing great; high five!"

This golden cuddle partner is so proud of you; look at his high five! The determined tongue sticking out of his mouth means he's focused all his attention on you and your accomplishments. He's your new number one fan, and what could be more inspiring than that?


"Don't be afraid to try new things!"

This puppy is having the time of his life, and if he hadn't of gotten on the trampoline, who knows if he would be living his best life? Be like this puppy and step out of your comfort zone, you just might find something to love, or discover something new about yourself!


"Shake off the haters!"

There will always be people who don't believe in you and your abilities, but it's up to you to not listen. You know yourself better than anyone, and if you're still pushing through then you know you can do this. T-Swift might also share this message, but this beautiful pupper really shows you how to do it best!


"Enjoy your time at Auburn!"

While being in college means planning for your future, don't get too caught up in it all. You're only here (typically) once and (usually) only four years, so make the most of that time. There's plenty of time to worry about plans for later in life, so be present in the now and be your young and crazy selves!


"Good Luck!"

This tiny Frenchie has the right idea! Maybe rolling around in some clovers may not work for everyone, but luck will find you and give you the best things possible. Who knows, maybe after this gif was recorded that small cutie found a four-leaf clover and has bestowed it's luck to you!


Best wishes in all you do this semester, from me and the cute puppies here. Round up your best friends and puppies to share this with, and you guys can be the new squad goals, much like the women in this gif!