Cute Forever 21 Stocking Stuffers Under $15

When it comes to shopping, I'm sure you have all the major gifts covered. Cute jewelry, purses, clothes, books, and all other sorts of things have been bought, but you realize you forgot one thing: stocking stuffers. Maybe you haven’t used a stocking since you were young, or maybe you only use one when you go home, but stocking stuffers are essential for a Christmas morning. In my family, my mom handles most of the stocking stuffers, but sometimes I like to surprise her or my stepdad with fun treats as well. Even if you don’t use stockings, these can make great small additions to a gift bag or secret Santa game. Here are the cutest ones under $15 from Forever 21.


Cat Lip Gloss Set $2.95 (on sale from $5.90)

The cute container is the main reason to buy this gift, but the lip gloss is just as great! Anyone will feel cute and happy to pull this out of their purse and get plenty of compliments from strangers. Available in pink/lavender.


Eyeshadow Stick Set $4.45 (on sale from $8.90)

These eyeshadow sticks would be so easy to use when you're in a rush! Plus the three shades are great for smokey eyes or multi colored eyes that stay in the same color family. Plus, they're slightly shimmery, which is perfect for the holidays. Available in brown/multi (pictured), pink/multi or black/multi.


Rhinestone Leaf Ear Jackets $4.90

These dainty earrings are cute but definitely not understated! These tiny trinkets will make a big sparkly punch at any gathering, and you can dress them up or down. Plus, the leaf print is on trend and will last you to the summer. Available in gold/clear.


Lip Trio Set $7.63 (on sale from $10.90)

Looking for a set that has lip liner, lip stick and lip plumper? This is the product for you! A super cool three-in-one will give your friends all the essentials they need for a beautiful lip look. Available in nude (pictured) or faded rose.


Pig Face Crew Socks $4.90

These cute pig socks are the best gift for people you don't know well, but also everyone you know. The soft and fluffy design will amuse everyone with cuteness, and they'll appreciate their feet not being freezing this season. Available in pink/multi.


Cat Face Audio Splitter Keychain $3.43 (on sale from $4.90)

I hate those moments when you want to watch a video with a friend but you have to share ear buds (is that just me?). This cute gadget solves that problem. The kitty head has two ear bud plug ins so you and your friend can listen to music in its full glory. Available in white/pink.


e.l.f. Desk to Dinner Eyeshadow Set $5.90

These chic brown colors take you from day to night on those days you don't have time to change your whole look. Plus the shimmer will make your eyes sparkle, so no matter who you're in the company of, they won't be able to look away. Available in brown/multi.

Ribbed Knit Beanie $6.90

Beanies are the cutest accessory to pull together a winter look. This knitted one in a dark blue will be easy to match with outfits, plus it'll hide greasy hair when you can't be bothered to stop binge watching. Available in navy.


Kitten Pencil Case $4.83 (on sale from $6.90)

When it comes to storing pens and pencils in my backpack, it's summed up by me throwing them into it and digging around for them at the bottom. If you have friends like me, this cute case can help them be more organized and give them a daily dose of cute kittens. Available in blue/white.

Marled Cable Knit Mittens $9.90

A soft pink color and thick knit will be the best for keeping hands warm. Give these to a friend or sister before challenging them to a snowball fight (or after, if you want to tip the score in your favor). Available in pink/cream.


Cosmic Hair Glitter $7.90

A sparkly gift for anyone that adds sparkle and glitz to your life. Gift it to your friends who like to make a bold statement, or just enjoy being glittery all the time. If you're lucky, maybe they'll share with you for New Year's! Available in silver (pictured) or gold.

e.l.f. Get Glowing Highlighting Set $10.90

Practicing getting the perfect glow can be a challenge, so sometimes something cheap yet worth it is necessary. This kit has all the essentials for a highlighter newbie, or anyone looking for a dewy look. Available in brown/multi.


Iridescent Cosmetic Brush Set $5.90

You can never have too many makeup brushes, and these are too pretty to pass up. The metallic and colorful set will be a ice addition to any makeup bag. Impress everyone with how expensive they look (while saying a fortune). Available in black.

Over-The-Knee Wool-Blend Socks $6.90

Socks that are long enough to peek over your knee-high boots are a must for a winter fashionista. These wool ones are warm yet fashionable, and will keep your legs warm in the chilly outside. Available in burgundy/cream.