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Culinary: Dorm Style!


One red solo cup is 16 ounces, so half of it is equal to one cup
One spoonful (using standard silverware) is equal to one teaspoon, so three spoonful’s is equal to one tablespoon

(¼ teaspoon measured in the picture)

The cap on most extract bottles, such as vanilla or almond, is equal to about 1 teaspoon

(¼ teaspoon, I used Kroger Brand extract)

Other useful measurements:
One handful (for women) is approximately 1/4 cup 
One pinch is approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon 
8 ounces= 1 cup
1 ounce= 2 tablespoons

Also, you can find cereal bowls that have measurements on the side (I bought mine from Target), or some water bottles, like Nalgene, have the number of ounces marked on the side.


Pinterest and other blog type websites have many recipes and cooking techniques that are convenient for college students. For example, microwaveable muffins, cakes, etc. Also, students are ironing toast, sandwiches, and quesadillas.

These are some great websites to check out!

Turkey, Bacon, and Basil Panini

The iron is a great idea for students who are craving that Panini from Panera Bread! You can alter this sandwich any way you want, it is just whatever you love between two slices of bread! 

Turkey- I used deli-style peppered turkey
Precooked Bacon slices
Bread- I used whole grain thin slices (only 100 calories!)
Cheese- I used fresh mozzarella, but any white cheese will be delicious 
A Slice of tomato 
Two pinches of dried basil and garlic -I use McCormick’s blend (this is like my salt and pepper, I use it on everything!)

Turn the power of the iron to its highest heat- without steam, and wrap the sandwich in foil. With the iron, press the sandwich firmly down on an oven safe plate or pan. Flip after one minute (this will vary, depending on iron), then press again. The sandwich should be warm all the way through and the cheese should be melted. Carefully unwrap the sandwich, and turn off the iron (do not forget this step!) Eat and enjoy!


Lindy Olive is known for being a foodie health-nut hybrid, who thinks the best things in life happen in the kitchen. She is a senior at Auburn University, majoring in Nutrition & Wellness and minoring in Sustainability. She wrote for Her Campus Auburn for three years before taking on a role as Campus Corespondent. If you ever need her, you can find her in front of a computer, in a garden, or at the gym. Lindy likes to dream big, and right now, that dream consists of owning a garden-bakery while writing agriculture public policy or working for a test kitchen. When she isn't thinking about food, which is apparently rare, she is hiking with her boyfriend and dog, on a feminist rant, or having deep conversations with her best friends Bailey and Melissa.
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