The Collegiette's Guide to Small Talk

What’s the worst sport known to mankind? Small Talk! It’s the most dreaded and awkward pastime there is and the beginning of the semester is the Bi-annual Small Talk Olympics. If you find yourself stuck in a class full of new students that you know nothing about, just know that HC Auburn feels your pain and is here to guide you!

Make the connection. If you know someone who knows someone else, do not be afraid to bring it up! “Yeah I’ve actually known her since the sixth grade!” This gives you a mutual person to refer to and opens the door for conversation to flow in multiple directions. Or sometimes it's best not to bring up a relationship you have with someone else. If you know that her BFF dated your current boyfriend, it's probably best to steer clear of his name!   

Play off the stutter! Stuttering is perfectly normal when you are excited or nervous. When you find yourself not being able to get that sentence out, offer to start again. Yell “REMIX” if you’d like a little more comedy, because laughing at yourself is always okay! 

Keep general conversation starters in your head. A good ol’ fashion Burger King vs McDonald’s fries debate never goes out of style. If you’re a little more daring, you might try to rally a Auburn vs Bama debate, just for fun! One second, anyone? 

Play the name game. No, do not play the actual game, but pretending not to remember someone’s name gives you the perfect excuse to talk to them. "Hey, your name is Lindy, right?" It could make her day that you remembered her name! If it's exotic, ask how her parents came up with it! This may lead to an exciting story!

Plan your escape! When the conversation is dying and you need to leave, have a believable excuse ready. “It’s a little hot in here, I’m going to get some fresh air” or “I don’t think I’ve eaten at all, today! I need to go get food." As a college student, food is always beleivable. If your desperate, you can always say you have to go to the restroom. Peeing is a high priority, right?