Christmas Gifts That Don’t Break the Bank

If you are a college student looking for gifts for your friends and family members that won’t break the bank, then look no further! I am here with some gift ideas that any broke college student can manage to handle.

The best places to find cute and affordable gifts are: TJ Maxx, Target, small boutiques around you and of course the Internet.

Every girl (and maybe boy) loves to take a bath. Baths are made even more enjoyable when you have a bath bomb or bath salts to go with them. These products are super easy to find and usually under $10!

When enjoying a bath, a face mask and glass of wine pairs perfectly. Face masks can be as cheap as $2 at Target, but wine is not always on the cheap side. TJ Maxx sells cute stem less wine glasses in boxes of 4 and you can individually wrap them up for your girlfriends for Christmas gifts! How cute?!

Another super easy-to-find and affordable gift is a candle! Candles can be used as a girl or a boy gift depending on the scent, which makes this gift amazing!

Notebooks and stationary are totally underrated gifts, the older I get the more I need to write down my schedule, and sometimes it’s nice to sit down and reflect on my day. There are so many options and designs you can choose from in this category and it is priced on the lower side (whoop whoop)!

Girls also LOVE make up; new eye shadow palettes, YES PLEASE! TJ Maxx has knock-off “Naked” eye shadow palettes, and I am here to tell you that they actually work! These palettes look identical to the real ones and you can pull them off without anyone knowing!

Who else has a sunglasses obsession? If you are anything like me, I LOVE to wear different sunglasses with different outfits! Sunglasses are SO affordable and you can find them anywhere! I say the funkier the better!

Lastly, you might think fuzzy socks are overrated, but I think we can all agree that they are the best! Everyone loves a pair of fuzzy socks; you can never have too many. And they are so so so cheap!

As you go out to get your holiday shop on, be on the look out for prices and look for gifts that you know your friends and family can rock!