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Choosing the Right Planner to Get Your Semester Organized

Just as the start of a new school year can bring feelings of excitement, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Personally, I find that using a great planner is the perfect way to stay organized and tackle your semester. There are so many planner brands to choose from, so I completed some research to help you find the best planner for your needs. I asked Auburn women which brand of planner they currently use and what their likes and dislikes are.


Lilly Pulitzer

Lauren, a sophomore in Business Administration, said she likes her Lilly Pulitzer Agenda because it has plenty of space, but is “easier for task listing, not time management,” as it does not have sections for morning, afternoon and night. Lilly Pulitzer agendas run on the more expensive side, ranging from $24-$35 based on size, but the vibrant patterns and sticker pages can brighten up any backpack!


Erin Condren

If the thought of designing your own planner excites you, then the Erin Condren Life Planner may be the perfect addition to your backpack. Kristen, a Sophomore in Pre-Med, loves her Erin Condren Life Planner because she designed it herself, the front cover is personalized with her name, and the inside has a bright color scheme. She said, “My favorite parts are the extra pages that most planners don’t have, such as the inspirational quote on the first page of every month marker, and the extra space on each week where you can put little notes or a to do list.” The planner is durable, conveniently sized, and even has a unique space for a “thankful thought” on each week. The Erin Condren Life Planner is totally customizable to your needs, but ranging from $55-60, is expensive compared to other planners.


Five Star

When describing her Five Star planner, Danielle, a Sophomore in Pre-Nursing said, “I love it because it’s simple, but still has enough room for me to write out my busy schedule.” Additionally, Sydney, a Sophomore in Computer Science, likes that her Five Star planner is “small and lightweight, but made of durable plastic material.” Other selling points for Sydney are that rings are protected by an outer cover, and that there is plenty of space to write for each day. However, Sydney dislikes that there is not much room on the calendar pages. Overall, this planner is planner is on the less expensive side, and is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a bulky planner weighing down their backpack.


Blue Sky

Katie, a Junior in her first semester of Nursing School, said, “I love it because there are big blanks for the days, but it’s not too big for a planner, and there is a really large note section.” Jessica, a Senior in Global Studies, loves her Ashley G for Blue Sky planner. She thinks her planner is great “because it has a monthly calendar and then a daily one as well,” it has a notes section where she can write to-do and grocery lists. Overall, Jessica says she recommends this planner to those “looking for something simple and cute, medium-sized and practical.” Blue Sky offers relatively affordable planners in a variety of different sizes and cute patterns. Their planners come in a wide variety of sizes and cute patterns. Compared to other planner brands, their weekly planners are relatively affordable, and range in price from $14.99 to $20.99. Blue Sky planners can be found at Target, which is just another reason to love them.


Rifle Paper Co

Natalie, a Junior in Accountancy, enjoys her Rifle Paper Company planner “because it’s sturdy and well-made but also very cute!” She also likes that is “small enough to carry around every day without being bulky” and the fact that it has plenty of room for her to write out her to-do list each day. Rifle Paper Company planners are on the more expensive side for planners, ranging from $30-34, and come in several different sizes and adorable patterns.


PlanAhead “See it Bigger”

Danielle, a Junior in Accountancy, is pleased with her PlanAhead “See it Bigger” planner. She said, “It’s by far my favorite planner I’ve had! I can fit all my large handwriting in, without running into different days of the week. I will definitely get another next year.” Similarly, Adrienne, a Junior in Marketing, loves her “See it Bigger” planner. Adrienne said her favorite things about her planner, besides that it keeps her organized, are “using my different colored pens for different classes, work things, and extracurricular activities,” and crossing out her list of daily tasks as she finishes them. Adrienne summed up most college students by saying, “Basically, when I feel like I am a mess my planner keeps me together.” These spacious, cute, and budget-friendly planners can be found on Amazon and at Walmart for less than $15, and are perfect for people who love to write a lot in their planners.


As you can see, there are numerous brands and options for every budget. I hope this article helps you get the perfect planner for your needs!

Sarah Grace is currently a Junior studying Accountancy at Auburn University. She is the treasurer of Her Campus Auburn. Her hobbies include exploring the outdoors, jigsaw puzzles, and gardening.
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