Cara Delevingne: More Than Just Fabulous Eyebrows

There's no doubt about it, 2012's Model of the Year has fabulous eyebrows.

There's no denying it, she really does! But in recent months Cara Delevingne has become so much more than the girl with the eyebrows.

At only 21 years old, this British model has walked for big names including Dolce and Gabanna, Fendi, and Oscar De La Renta, while also being the face for many talented companies, like Burberry’s beauty campaign, and modeling in numerous fashion shows including the famous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Cara is idolized by millions of people, obviously for her striking facial features (eyebrows!), her long blonde locks, and her enviable long legs.  However, what draws people to Cara the most is how wonderfully weird she is seriously weird.

Cara has broken the stereotype of the typical model.  She has gone beyond the term "ugly pretty" and has posted pictures of herself looking less than attractive.  Cara's disregard for the idea that one must always be seen as perfect is a very positive influence on the millions of people who look up to her. 

Social networking has allowed models today to step (fiercely!) out of being just a pretty face, a mannequin to display clothes, or a canvas to show the newest beauty trend, and become a real person. As we all know, famous people who are relatable are quite the rarity these days. 

Networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr allow models to shape their own character, as opposed to being a product of brands and media.  It is not uncommon for models to amass more Twitter or Instagram followers than some pretty well known actors (Cara has 1.1 Million twitter followers while Les Mis actress Amanda Seyfried only has 213.9 thousand!).  Also, there are multiple twitter accounts dedicated to Cara's body parts and trademarks (including her eyebrows of course!) and she makes sure to follow a majority of them. 

Cara actively interacts with her Twitter followers. She's constantly replying to their never-ending tweets, keeping them updated on what ridiculous stuff she has been up to, and of course posting fabulously odd selfies of her and her glamorous friends.

Speaking of her mates (get it?!), Cara has a plethora of famous pals.

Cara and her bestie Rita Ora, a British singer-songwriter, have frequented the celebrity club scene, hanging out with celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Paris Hilton, and Harry Styles (Cara's sometimes rumored boyfriend).


Cara is also close friends with Rihanna and has attended multiple shows of the signers Diamond's world tour, casually joined her on a spontaneous yacht party, and frequents many clubs with her.

Cara's presence in high profile fashion shows and ads has gained her exposure and an easy "in" to the exclusive celebrity lifestyle.  With this exposure, Cara has also recently expressed interested in acting and also has showcased her incredible singing voice (check it out here!) Cara has a wonderfully unique fashion sense and cool tattoos.  Cara is a perfect representation of a "model citizen".  She knows when to be serious (on the job) and when to have fun (as often as possible!).  Cara has become an idol for teens and a statement of fashion, all while staying true to herself.

Cara Delevingne is the face of the era of the model, and it's a face complete with funny faces and fabulous eyebrows

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