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Campus Cutie: Wesley Clendinen

Age? 21


Major? Animal Sciences – Pre-Veterinary Focus


Relationship Status? Single


What are you involved in on campus? 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society

NSCS National Honor Society

Former Auburn University College of Agriculture SGA Senator

& SGA Cabinet AVP of Outreach

Auburn University SGA Student Representative to the Lectures Committee

Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society

Auburn University Pre-Veterinary Medical Association Club


Describe your experience with SGA?

My time spent as a member of the Auburn University SGA provided me with an opportunity to see a different side of Auburn, attempt to better the university as a whole, represent my peers to Auburn’s faculty and staff, and spend time with a great group of dedicated and hard working people.  I learned a lot about leadership and developed other skills that will undoubtedly benefit me both now and later in life.  


What is really up with Wesley?

I am a very adventuresome person; I live for new experiences. Whether it’s trying new foods, attempting new sports, visiting new places, or anything else that is different from the regular day-to-day routine, I’ll have a go at it.  I’ve taken and still take part in numerous different clubs and organizations that encompass a variety of topics ranging from the Sailing Club to the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association.  I relish that I have had such a unique opportunity to meet a wide range of people from all different lifestyles and backgrounds while also enjoying various activities and learning new skills. 


What is your ideal date?

Obviously long walks on the beach and watching the sun go down while drinking a good bottle of wine..  Haha but honestly it really depends on the person I’m going on a date with. I would want to do something that we would both find enjoyable while also having a good opportunity to interact with and learn more about each other.  

What can a girl do to get your attention?


Celebrity Crush? 

Blake Lively.  Super attractive and, in my opinion, has been able to act impressively in several very different film roles.


What is one thing that people don’t know about you?

I’m a state champion archer and have been to Cuba twice.


What are your post-graduate plans?

I plan to attend veterinary school and eventually start my own animal hospital somewhere in the southeast.


What would you consider your best attribute?

I’ve been told my eyes, but I’d like to think that my ability to talk to and get long with almost anyone is a better attribute than simply my eyes.  


What has been the most meaningful part of your time at Auburn?

I feel that the relationships I’ve built here and the lasting memories that are continually added on to are currently and in the future will be the most meaningful parts of my time at Auburn.  


How would you describe the Auburn women of today?

As a whole, Auburn women have an inherently consistent portrayal and underlying sense of class (while still knowing how to have a good time and let loose their crazier side sometimes).  Before coming to Auburn University, I’d heard that the type of woman you meet at Auburn is the type to marry, after three years here I completely believe that.  


Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I see myself with a very good job and settling in to family life while also being sure to make the most out of life. Taking trips to various locales around the world and making time for the rest of my family and friends are high on my list of importance.  

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