Campus Cutie: The For Paws Puppies

The rescue dogs of For Paws animal shelter in Opelika visited campus last Friday for the Her Campus Auburn Puppy Playdate and spread smiles all around. These  cuties above (Krunk, Wiggles, and Confetti) and the other five dogs not pictured are all looking for homes and loving owners to take them in. The eight puppies at the playdate were fun, full of personality and kisses, and happy to play with those who donated to their charity!

Krunk's (pictured on the left) adorable little underbite and pointy ears made him one of my favorite puppies. He had a cuddly personality and a sweet face, but Wiggles (top right) refused to be overshadowed. She attacked each visitor with licks and dog-hugs which quickly made her a croweded favorite. I personally spent a lot of time with Confetti (bottom right). Her attitude was chilled and relaxed, and she was more than happy to just lay in the sun. 

All of the For Paws dogs were precious and filled our hearts with happiness with their adorable personalities. If you had a chance to stop by, which cutie stole your heart? Let us know in the comments below!