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Campus Cutie: Lindsey Gullion

Name: Lindsey “Lindizzle” Gullion

Year: Sophomore

Age: 19

Major: Psychology

Relationship Status: Taken

Hogwarts’ house: Gryffindor

What is your favorite restaurant in Auburn? Niffer’s

How many powdered doughnuts are you capable of eating in one sitting? “Probably a whole bag on accident.”

Hobbies: Talking in a “Minnesota mom” accent.

Have you ever started petting a really fluffy dog and got overwhelmed by just how fluffy it is? “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die! Yes.”

What is your favorite Auburn football memory?  Arkansas in the 2014 season. 

Malan McCracken is a Communications major at Auburn University. This is her first year as a writer for Her Campus. She spends time studying, sleeping, and blogging. She loves music, art, and making people smile. 
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