Campus Cutie: Jackson Zurca

Major: Professional Flight Management 

Age: 20

Relationship Status: Single

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Lawrence

What three words would you use to describe yourself? Pilot, Driven, and Humorous 

Favorite Movie? Top Gun

 What’s your spirit animal? A dog. They have such a big heart and they love with everything they have.

Do you have any hidden talents? I can play piano very well. I guess it's not a hidden talent, but not many people know that!

What are you involved in on campus? Alpha Eta Rho, the professional Aviation fraternity and Campus Recreation

What’s your favorite thing about Auburn? The family feeling. I've never not felt at home here. 

How would you describe the Auburn women of today? Gorgeous, down to earth, funny...I could go on forever!

What is you idea of a perfect date? Dinner, maybe a movie, if the weather is nice maybe walk around campus. It depends, I like to incorporate ideas into the date based on what she likes so that it's unique! 

Favorite Female Fashion Trend? I'm a huge fan of girls wearing flannels. Although with Auburn women, they could be wearing anything and I'll still be in awe. 

What’s the best thing a girl can do to get your attention? If a girl approaches me, that's huge. I get that we live in a society where it's expected for men to make the first move and that's fine, but a lot of guys (especially me!) are really shy, especially around really cute girls, and I'll do my best, but if a cute girl comes up and talks to me then it makes her stand out like nothing else!

What is one thing you wish girls would stop doing? I wish girls would stop constantly shaming themselves and thinking they need to change for other people. Just be yourself and change for nobody and the right people will be put into your life!

Any cool Thanksgiving break plans? Going flying with friends and seeing Cirque Du Soleil in Atlanta with my family!