Campus Cutie: Caroline Barr

Major: English/Creative Writing

Age: 22
Celebrity Crush: Brandon Flowers (The Killers) 
3 words to describe yourself: empathetic, fun, creative 
Favorite Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel 
Spirit Animal: Blake Lively's hair
Hidden Talents: navigating - I have a bada$$ sense of direction 
Campus Involvement: Glomerata copy editor, member of KKG, AUJUS student editor, English Club director, former SOS orientation leader 
Favorite Thing about Auburn: flirting with Aubie. Also just all the traditions, I love how they knit a community together. 
Describe the Auburn Men of Today: Oh boy. They're honestly stuck in this crossroads of being true Southern Auburn gentlemen and being self-absorbed meninists. So many know how to treat a woman right, and so many are clueless labrador puppies stumbling around in their immaturity. I'm not bitter or anything [laughs]!
What's your idea of a perfect date? In Auburn, the perfect date would be going to a local concert at Overall Company or at Cottonseed Studios, and getting drinks and dessert afterwards. 
Favorite Male Fashion Trend: I love a cuffed or ankle length cropped pant with a pair of loafers, oxfords, or tennis shoes. 
Best thing to get my attention: First off, if a guy makes the effort to approach me, even if I'm with my friends (and not in a creepy sloppy drunk way), that shows guts and self-confidence and that's already attractive. He'll keep my attention if he asks intelligent questions. 
I wish guys would stop: wearing flip-flops. For the love of God, invest in a nicer pair of sandals. I don't want to here you flip-flopping down the concourse unless you want to flip-flop right past me and out of my life #bye
Spring Break Plans: We have a townhouse in Destin right by Whales Tails! Gotta live it up before I graduate and start adulting.