Campus Celebrity: Takara Smith

If collegiette readers are anything like me, you've been avoiding all life responsibilities (cough, homework) by watching videos upon videos of makeup tutorials. Trying to get that smoldering smokey eye, or just trying to find the easiest way to get the perfect winged eyeline! Or maybe you are just drawn to specifics blogs, because they have really good advice! If this sounds like you, heres's a fresh, new blogger to add to your list! Takara Smith has taken the internet by storm with her Too Much Tee blog and YouTube Channel. Her main goal is to help readers and viewers practice self love,  set great life goals and discover versatile makeup products!

Name: Takara Smith

Age: 21

Major: Business Management

What motivated you to start a blog? I started blogging because I find joy in helping others and sharing my experiences with people. Aside from that, it's a goal of mine to help girls increase their confidence levels and realize how beautiful they are and can be.

In the age of social media, what do you think is the most important thing to advocate to young women when representing themselves online? It's important for young women to understand that what's posted on social media can affect your future. More employers are starting to analyze social media accounts to better determine how "fit" someone is for a job.

What is the best advice that you have been given during your college experience? The best advice I was given is to not compare myself to others around me. Of course, there are some beautiful, successful and talented people in this world, but so am I. It's important to always stay positive and stay encouraged!

For those who choose not to do full face makeup every day, what low-maintenance products do you recommend for a cute “on-the-go” look? For a cute on the go look, I would recommend getting a good eyeliner and mascara! Lining the eyes is definitely a good way to make you look awake and mascara makes the eyes pop as well.

Other than getting a degree and running a successful blog, what else are you passionate about? I'm passionate about changing the lives of others. That's ultimately what I want to do. Whatever industry I end up in, I want to be able to change lives. I love making people happy.

Graduation is swiftly approaching! What is your career plan? I'm not sure what my career plan is just yet! Unfortunately, I'm very indecisive. More than likely, I'll go to grad school and get my master's. Then hopefully by that time I'll have more of an idea of what industry I would want to work in.

Too Much Tee is a beauty and lifestyle blog, YouTube channel, and personal brand by Takara Smith. It's an extension of herself and centers around all things beauty and lifestyle. She loves what she’s doing, and you’ll love the advice, posts and information she gives you! Check out her blog today -