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Campus Celebrity: Steve Forbes

On Friday, March 21st, Auburn Conservatives for Tomorrow hosted Steve Forbes as a keynote speaker at the Auburn Arena. Though Her Campus Auburn didn’t have the chance to interview Mr. Forbes directly, we were invited to a short press conference to get up close and personal with a legend!

Mr. Forbes’s press conference and speech centered mainly around the political climate of our current days (obviously in a more conservative view, given the organization that brought him to Auburn). But what makes Steve Forbes a campus celebrity isn’t his knowledge of the government, his runs for presidental candidacy, or his impact on the publishing world; it’s the sheer fact that, even though he has already made such a difference in the world, that he is still striving for change. 

As young women living in a college world, we are given the rare opportunity to make changes in our society. We have the knowledge, the power, the passion, and the drive, just as Mr. Forbes does. All we really have to do is access it! And though there are still stigmas associated with our gender, there is nothing we can’t try to overcome. Steve Forbes has had continued success in the business world for over 40 years and is still going strong. Now I think that’s something every collegiette can try to live up to!

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