Campus Celebrity: Kristofer Sims

Kristofer Sims is the future of Film! He's the current president of the AU New Media Club and constantly creates videos for The Auburn Plainsman, The Alumni Association, and many up and coming filmmakers. It's safe to say that this man is on his way! He’s taking the skills that he is currently learning as a junior in Media Studies and putting them to use in the real world. Mr. Sims has an innate passion for film making, and he agreed to sit down with Her Campus to shed some light on what goes on inside a filmmakers head.

Age: 20

Major: Media Studies

What do you plan on doing with the skills you've acquired in your major? I plan on using my skills to find more advanced skills. I say that because in comparison to the people that I look up to, I still have a long way to go.

What is your favorite part of the filming process? I like the pre-production process, such as drawing up a storyboard and collaborating with other filmmakers to make projects flow. It gets me so pumped to see good artists come together.

Out of the several production projects you've worked on, which was your favorite? It’s hard to choose my favorite, but I did a small video for the Alumni Association last year that my mom really likes. For that shoot, I chose a few buddies that I trusted to help me; we came up with a storyboard, and then found an actor that was great. We shot on campus during a beautiful spring day and afterwards the Alumni Association contacted me to do another video.

What is your favorite movie and what aesthetic values make it a good movie? I don’t have a favorite movie but Moonrise Kingdom, directed by Wes Anderson, just popped into my mind. There are some really good camera angles, which cinematographer Robert Yeoman can be credited for. The set design is superb and the music is haunting.​ I also appreciate the risks Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola take in the plot that they wrote. 

Do you have a favorite movie that you would like to recreate in the future? I don’t really want to recreate another movie, but if I could interpret something into my own work it would probably be a book or historical event.

What is New Media Club and how can students get involved? It was founded in 2011 by filmmaker Alessio Summerfield. I joined in 2013, at the end of my freshman year, and haven’t missed a meeting since. We meet every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in Haley 3183. New Media is your chance to make connections with people who are willing to help with artistic projects. We have workshops where we explore different aspects of media too. Most members typically favor filmmaking, so we put on an annual film festival every year called the Auburn Indie Film Fest during a special date in April. Student short films from all over the world can be viewed here. For any student on campus with any cool short films, submissions open early in February. There is a cash prize for Best Film and Fan Favorite. Check out our Facebook page, Auburn University New Media Club, or find New Media Club on AUInvolve for more.