Campus Celebrity: Kaelin Lee

Don't know the WiFi password? Can't find any of the buildings you have class in? Want to know what on-campus restuarant will drain your tigercard the quickest *cough* APB *cough*? Ask your Residant Assistant! This week's Campus Celebrity is a young woman who is guiding the residents, of our university, in the right direction!

Name:    Kaelin Lee

Major:  Nutrition Science  - PreMed

Age: 20

What inspired you to become an RA?    At first, I applied for the job because of the benefits! But after receiving the job, I started to like the idea of being able to help others. Being an RA allows me to give back to Auburn in a hands-on and personal way.

What is the best part of your job?    I think the best part of my job is being able to help others have a great living experience here at Auburn University.  As an RA, we do more than “enforce” rules. We are a source for campus information and someone to talk to when residents don’t feel comfortable sharing things with anyone else.

As the semester begins, what is the best advice you have for staying organized?   I think the best way to stay organized is to schedule your time wisely. Make time for studying, class, naps, whatever.  I’ve learned very recently (this semester) that planners make life SO much easier!

What other organizations are you involved with on campus?    I am also an ODMA (Office of Diversity and Mutlicultural Affairs) Student Diversity Ambassador.

What are your top five “things to do” before you graduate?       Before I graduate I want to go to an Iron Bowl Game, travel to an away game,   have a 4.0 semester,  go on the cliché college Spring Break trip, and make it on the TigerTron!


Seriously, do NOT hestiate to talk to any of the resident assistants! They are all here to help you inside, as well as outside of the dorm rooms. Look out for the white boards in your residence hall for the upcoming events that your building may be hosting! It’s a great way to make friends, have fun, and sometimes get a free meal... and in college FREE is our favorite word!