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Campus Celeb: Alpha Psi Fraternity

In case you missed it, this past weekend was the 49th annual Alpha Psi Rodeo, also known as the one day a year when Auburn shows all the other southern schools that yes, sometimes we do know how to throw a good party. In honor of this grand ole party, this week's Campus Celebrity is the Alpha Psi Fraternity.

However, Alpha Psi isn't our Campus Celeb entirely because of Rodeo. Some students don't know that Rodeo is actually a charity event, and in past years the money raised from Rodeo has gone to local organizations such as Storybook Farm, Inc., Alabama Sheriff's Youth Ranches, Special Olympics and Auburn's College of Veterinary Medicine. So, not only does Alpha Psi provide a rip-roarin' good time, but they're also providing for people in need.
This year's entertainment included The Dirty Guv'nahs, Drake White and country music legend Alan Jackson. The all-day event, which included rodeo festivities such as bull riding and cattle roping, tailgates galore, and more alcohol than most people would think was humanly possible to consume, drew approximately 1,500 attendees.
We checked out social media to see what you thought about the event:
@Michael_7_Mc: No one died… I'd say rodeo was a success #rodeo2014 #wardamn
@andrewscotch32: That post rodeo shower feels so good, but the sunburns hurt so bad #rodeo2014
@JMel93: PSA: One of the worst places to be sunburnt is the scalp. Now please excuse me while I go and put some aloe on my head. #rodeo2014
@KyndallDavis: That awkward moment when your mom notices your "If found please call number" written on your arm from the day before #rodeo2014
@carleymartinnn: Can we restart yesterday and do it all over again? #Rodeo2014
We hope you all had a great time and made it out alive, and be sure to thank and Alpha Psi if you see them this week!
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