Bullet Journal Layouts to Inspire You

Bullet journaling is such an easy way to get organized, and the start of a new year and new semester is the best time to start. There are so many options for layouts, decorations and uses that it can be overwhelming to begin, but the ultimate thing to remember is that this is supposed to help you, not be a burden. The super gorgeous and neat layouts on Pinterest are great ways to get inspiration, but if yours don't end up the same way (mine never do), it's fun to alter them to your style. If you're looking for how to start a bullet journal, check out my Bullet Journaling 101 article and then check out these awesome layout ideas.


A key (an important page for any bullet journal)

Having those cute symbols to save on room is a must, and keeping track of what they all mean could save you on a day when your brain is mush from school. These can be as simple or extra as you want, with options lik color-codes, symbols or small drawings.


Planning your morning (or nightly) routine

My mornings are usually stressful, with me running around trying to pull shoes on while brushing my teeth. I never wake up early enough to have a relaxing morning (unless my morning can start around 11 a.m.), but people who can get up early and be functioning humans definitely could find some use in this! Having my life sorted out and the whole day mapped out is relaxing and helps keep me on track.

A spending log

I'm known to go to a store like Target with a small list and then come home with a million other things I didn't need. A tracker like this has seriously helped me be more money-conscious. When I enter a new transaction into the list, I can see how much money I have left and see where I'm spending the most money. 

Mental Health Tracker

When life gets chaotic, sometimes mental health takes a downward curve. Keeping track of symptoms like headaches, insomnia, stress, medicine or moods can make it easier to notice when things are improving or worsening. This is also great if you see a therapist and want to keep them in the loop.

Meal Planning

If I don't plan ahead, my meals during the week include fast food and cereal. It's not the healthiest of diets, so if I take the time to plan out meals I can make during the week, I know I'll have a healthy dish to keep me happy and satisfied. 

Travel Planner

Whether you're going to a new destination, or a family favorite, this layout can come in handy. It has things to do, places to stay, things to research and a budget for your trip. You don't have to draw/trace an outline of where you're going, but look how cute that is?

Month spread

I love calendar spreads, but this one has so much more than that. With three different goal areas that you can customize to your needs, a mini calendar and a place to put important dates for the month, you can include all your month planning in one area. 

Tiny rosette details

I love having cute drawings to spruce up my layouts, but I'm an awful artist. I mess up even the simplest of things, but these tiny rosettes are just simple enough for even me to achieve. I like using colored pens to make them match my layouts, and in no time I have cute additions.


Pretty Banners

If I can't draw simple doodles, then I really can't draw banners. I usually end up underlining or boxing my titles, which is simple but boring. For artistic people, these can inspire you if your layout is simple but you want some pizazz.