The Big Man on Campus: Jesse Westerhouse

After the endless hours of campaigning on the concourse last week, as well as the endless amount of students attempting to avoid the concourse at all costs, the ballots are in and have been counted. After promoting his platform, “Winning with Westerhouse,” Jesse Westerhouse has won the Auburn SGA election and is now the SGA President.

Jesse Westerhouse, a junior from Huntsville, Alabama, majoring in Finance, has been involved in Auburn's SGA since his freshman year. He was given the opportunity to be a member of Freshman Forum and serve as the Director of Transportation and then he went on to serve as the Executive Vice President of Initiatives.

After asking Westerhouse what motivated him to run for office, he said that he had looked back on his time spent at Auburn, and he realized that he has been able to work on some pretty cool projects that have helped a ton of people and should keep doing so. “It’s pretty cool to see a project serve students in some awesome ways,” he stated. He also said that serving as the SGA President allows him to fulfill three of his passions: “serving others, serving Auburn and serving the Lord.”

He ran on a platform that focused on “winning” for every student at Auburn, ranging from academics to a smoothie bar in the Rec and Wellness Center. Westerhouse hopes to make SGA more accessible and transparent to the everyday student.

Westerhouse described his campaign experience as humbling in so many ways. He said “to see people give up their time and effort to support me was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. I learned a ton about myself and others during that week, and grew in a lot of awesome ways.”