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Auburn is by far the most beautiful campus and town I have set my eyes on in Alabama. Thousands of students and residents here love this place just as much as I do. With the pretty, red brick buildings of the university, green grassy lawns, and the cute little downtown area, what’s not to love about it?

Of course, the top two places that really grab my attention here are Samford Hall and Toomer’s Drugs.

Who can resist the beauty of Samford Hall! It captures the eyes almost immediately and whenever just passing by, people must get a picture with that kind of background. 

Now, keep walking and right down the street is Toomer’s Drugs where you can get the best lemonde and ice cream. Perfect for a nice, sunny day to grab and go and relax on Samford’s lawn.

Auburn has many perks about it and many sites to see, but when visiting Auburn, definitely try out Toomer’s Drugs and enjoy the scenery of Samford Hall during a sunset. You won’t regret it!


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