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Beat the Winter Blues: 8 Things Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Around 500,000 people in the US report suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately shortened to SAD. Constant cold and rainy weather can eventually get to even the best of us. So, here are 8 things from around the internet guaranteed to ease your winter blues!

1. This baby elephant that is just happy to be alive.

If you say this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, I don’t believe you.

2. This old couple giving an impromptu piano concert.

Fran and Marlo Cowan have been married over 60 years. They were leaving a doctor’s appointment at the Mayo Clinic, when they saw a piano. What happened next is priceless.

3. These babies who really love their dad’s music.

Adorable times 2.

4. This hero who got the best homecoming ever.

This soldier on leave surprised his 2-year-old daughter at school. Her reaction will melt even the coldest of hearts.

5. This super selfless kid and her amazing grandma.

Faith in humanity restored.

6. The most creative proposal of all time.

Even the most cynical person in the world would have to admit this is pretty adorable. Although, I do have to question the safety behind the whole operation.

7. This photo of Bryan Cranston on the set of Breaking Bad.

You’ll never look at Heisenberg the same way again.

8. This pug rocking his Miley inspired Halloween costume.

Enough said. 

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