The Bean: More than Your Average Hipster Coffee Shop

The Bean, the newest coffee shop in Auburn, has increased the city’s status as one of the Top U.S. Cities for Hipsters (Even though it’s obviously false, the study did, in fact, include the number of coffee shops per capita as one of the criteria). As soon as I walked in, I wondered if it would be a knock off Mama Mochas. But a talk with the owners and a cinnamon roll later, I realized that there is so much more to The Bean.

The place is a mix of a mom and pop’s diner and your quirky great aunt’s house. I was greeted with a real smile by an older man in a floral button up. We talked about baking and why he and his wife decided to open the shop. Spoiler alert: it’s all about the cinnamon rolls. The family feel was refreshing, and not a single indie rock song was played that night. Nonetheless, they still serve high quality products, including pour overs, drips, and espressos, as well as a couple of non-dairy options: almond and soy milk.

On top of that, The Bean is all about sustainability and community. Their motto is “It’s Not Just a Cup of Coffee.” They purchase their coffee beans from The Seed, located in Birmingham, AL and Land of a Thousand Hills, located in Roswell, GA. There are mugs for sale, scattered around the store, made by Auburn students. The space is open with couches and chairs galore, and the 50's dining room table sets make for the perfect study space.

Did I mention that the coffee is delicious? I had a “Do Good” (Land of a Thousand Hills coffee) pour over, and it definitely made my list as some of the best coffee I ever had, and it is especially impressive considering I drank every drop, black.  It was strong but so smooth that it didn’t have a bitter aftertaste. The cinnamon rolls are made from scratch, and you can taste it. The frosting wasn’t stale, but soft, making for an ooey-gooey treat.


If you want to learn more about The Bean, just make a stop by the place and I’m sure the baristas would love to tell you all about it. Or you can visit one of their social media accounts listed below:

Twitter: @thebeanau

Instagram: thebean_au

Facebook: The Bean

The Bean is located on South Gay Street, and their hours are Monday through Thursday 7am to 11pm, Friday 7am to midnight, and Saturday 8am to midnight.