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If there is one thing I hate more than liars, cheaters and broccoli… it would be horrible eyeliner!


Stop This ^


Ladies, ladies, ladies, the time has come! No more flimsy, crooked, wobbly lines above your lashes! Precession is necessary. Here are a few key rules to follow when putting on your eyeliner to make the winged conasuers, like myself, happy and at peace!


Pick a brand and liner type that works for you.

For this article I am going to use COVERGIRL as my go to brand.There are several kinds of liners: pencils, markers and liquid applicators are available in almost all brands and price ranges. If you don’t have the steadiest of hands, I would recommend you use a pencil. Most pencils come in ranges from soft to hard lead, and the appearance is always a little lighter, so mistakes are not as noticeable. If you want an even flow, then the marker is the best choice for you. Markers dry with a nice finish and have almost the same quality as liquid. If you are a little more artisty, go ahead and try a liquid liner. Liquid takes more time to dry but creates different styles with more ease.


To apply, use one finger to hold down only your lashes, leaving skin above your lash line exposed.

This is a key part in application because you do not want your finger covering your eyelid, just the lashes themselves. In a steady motion swipe the eyeliner across the lash line. Do this two or three times until your get a well-defined, crisp line and all the gaps are filled.


NOTE: Line thickness is important. A 0.00005 mm line thickness is never okay! The reason we wear eyeliner is to accentuate the eyes, and accentuation cannot happen if the liner cannot be seen. I know the no-makeup look is a big deal, but if you are going for that, then just don't wear it at all.


Once you have a straight line and a thickness that works for you, move onto the wing.

There are several different ways to bring out the wing of an eyeline. The method I use is to follow my lower lashline upwards, and sometimes I create a side wing that would interesct the middle of my temples if continued to the hair line.


NOTE: Wings can be as long and as bold as you want them to be. But Amy Winehouse wings aren't easy to pull off in everyday encounters.




Terea Abernathy is a Senior at Auburn University, majoring in Theatre: Production Design & Technology with a Studio Art minor. She loves all things art related which as transferred into her writing and her art. War Eagle!
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