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Balancing Act: Managing Grades and a Social Life in College

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, time management when it comes to life in college can be extremely difficult. College sometimes feels like two different worlds—one made up of classes and homework, another formed by the endless social possibilities. Finding the balance between the two to get assignments completed can be so hard. You’ve made the perfect schedule to match your needs and wants, giving you as much free time as possible to have a social life whenever you want it. Although freedom is a blessing, it can also be a quite the curse. It’s so easy to think “Oh, I’ve got time, I can just take care of that later!” but thoughts like those quickly come back to haunt you. Learning to manage your time is so important in school, and it’s a skill that will really help you beyond your college years. Just follow these three tips and you’ll never have to pull a stressful and exhausting all-nighter again!

 A great time to get caught up on your schoolwork is in between your classes. If you get a head start on assignments due later that week, it’ll make it seem like you have tons of time once you’re finished for the day. Although it’s sometimes nice to get together with your friends and hang out before your next class, trying to get something productive accomplished in that time is so beneficial. You’ll know you have your work completed and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your afternoon or evening. Plus, as you float between your classes you’ll still be in school-mode, so it’s the perfect time to get things done.

Avoiding procrastination is key! Let’s be honest, we all have indulged in some hardcore procrastination in our time. Ever since the invention of the internet we’ve been plagued by the need to constantly check Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest. If you have to, have a friend change your passwords so you can focus on getting your assignments done. Or, if you’re like me and you’d rather not use that method, you can always set a reward system. For example, close your browser and work on your homework for thirty minutes. When the time is up, get your social networking out of your system for ten minutes. Then work for 45 minutes before repeating the reward strategy, adding fifteen minutes for work each time. This system really works, as it is psychologically proven that rewards for good behavior increase that behavior. The more you do this, the less attached you’ll be to putting off your homework in favor for the internet.

Look ahead at your schedule. If you know you have two tests on the same day, get started on studying as soon as possible! It’ll make your life so much easier if you get a jump on what’s ahead of you. It’ll ease up your stress and you won’t be as mentally exhausted when it comes to test time. This strategy also works for papers and even small assignments. The further in advance you can start preparing for something that’s coming up, the easier it will be for you to get the passing grade you want. Having a planner also helps with this, and luckily Lilly Pulitzer has the cutest way to help you map out your schedule.

Although these tips are super simple, they can make your year so much easier. These will give you the ability to boost your GPA, and open up your schedule so you can have the booming social life you want! Now what collegiette wouldn’t want that?!

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