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Auburn Football Season is Back in Session

If you go to Auburn University, you know that football season is HUGE. Toward the beginning of the week Facebook goes crazy with all of the newest hype videos that are guaranteed to give you chills. As you walk to your classes you see the white tents getting set up halfway through the week. The Fridays before game day are filled with people from all over eagerly trying to block off a space for their family and friends to come tailgate.

The student section roars as the jumbotron blares the most lit jams and the players come up. There is no feeling like when the team runs out of the locker room and onto the field to defeat their opponent. The stadium gets so excited and becomes a sea of blue and orange pompoms. The cheerleaders and mic boy start the chants where everyone joins in.

Your experience is even better when you buy yourself a stadium hot dog that you can put on your tigercard, if you know you know. When the team pulls out a win, you can watch as Gus Malzahn gets Gatorade dumped all over him. All of the fans then head to Toomer’s Corner to roll the trees and celebrate the victory. Football season is the best season.

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