Auburn 1981 Graduate Speaks at "This is Auburn Speaker Series"

On Friday, October 21, Auburn's "This Is Auburn Speaker Series" invited National Security Agency Directer Michael Rogers to talk about how to stay safe in cyberspace. According to Rogers, "Cyber threats are a problem that will affect all of us, privately and at work" (Source 2).

Rogers was born in Chicago but attended Auburn University until his graduation in 1981. Since graduation, he has received his commission with the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, and he became flag officer in 2007. Today, he is the U.S. Cyber Command Chief and director of the National Security Agency (Source 3).

Rogers tells his audience about the cost of global cyber attacks. He also mentions Russia and Wikileaks; specifically, the recent allegations by the "Department of Homeland Security that Russia is connected to information stolen from the Democratic National Committee and released on WikiLeaks" (Source 2).

"Change is an inherent nature in man. I don’t expect that dynamic to change. But if it is designed by a man, it can be defeated [hacked] by a man."

You can attend the "This Is Auburn Speaker Series" every Friday at 3 p.m. before a home football game. 

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