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Anne Smead – A Look Into University Program Council!

Want to learn how to make sushi at home? How about see that new movie you didn’t want to pay $15 to see in theaters? Or listen to an up-and-coming artist right here in Auburn? Every year, the University Program Council hosts events like these and so many more! We caught up with Anne Smead, the President of the University Program Council, to hear how she got involved with this fun-filled organization!

HC Auburn:What is the University Program Council?
Anne: University Program Council is the student led programming board on campus. Our mission is to provide an engaging atmosphere that enhances the Auburn experience by programming events planned, organized, and executed by students for students.

HC Auburn: What lead you to pursue becoming President of UPC?
Anne: I became involved in UPC my freshman year as a committee member for Special Projects, and being on this committee gave me the passion I have for UPC. Our events appeal to wide variety of Auburn students and I was able to meet students that I would have never crossed paths with before. Meeting these students and seeing them enjoy themselves at our events is what lead me to become President of UPC.

HC Auburn:How does UPC come up with event ideas? What has been your favorite event to participate in or plan?
Anne: UPC comes up with event ideas by having them suggested for UPC by students emailing upc@auburn.edu, from our surveys, and from benchmarking with other campuses. My favorite part of an event is the very end when students are walking out. Just to see the smiles on their faces makes it all worth it to me.

HC Auburn:How has your office of President prepared you for your future career goals?
Anne: My office of President has prepared me for my future career goals by providing me with different skills I could not learn from the classroom. This includes professionalism with different vendors and artists, communication skills, writing and editing contracts, collaboration with different parties, and leadership skills.

HC Auburn:How can students become involved with UPC?
Anne: Students can become involved in UPC by simply attending events or applying for council or committee. Council applications are out now and due on Friday, March 9th at 12pm in AUSC 3130. You can receive an application by emailing upc@auburn.edu. Committee applications will go out on August 1st and will be due the second week of school.


UPC’s Block Party on the Greenspace

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