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Alabama FIJIs Beat and Hospitalize Former Marine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Auburn chapter.


Volunteer fire fighter and former marine, Joseph Zebrowski, was was admitted to the DCH Regional medical center in Tuscaloosa, AL last week after a supposed fun night spent with friends turned into night filled with ambulance rides and emergency-room doctors. Zebrowski was rushed to the ER after obtaining multiple injuries including a collapsed lung after he was beaten on UA’s campus. He was diagnosed with a “collapsed lung, several broken ribs, a gash to his head, a black eye and bruises all over his body,” according to AL.com. 

After the attack, Zebrowski was contacted by press during his stay at the hospital but declined to comment, stating he would rather not talk about what happened until the investigation was over. However, his mother, Robin Edwards, provided a description of the incident. 

According to Edwards, her son met up with some friends at a local bar and on his way back to his hotel became lost. Zebrowski stopped at Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house to ask for directions. 

“The next thing he knew he was being brutally attacked”, said Edwards “He found himself on the ground with several guys kicking him in the head, chest, back, and abdomen.” 

What motive would possess these fraternity men to beat a man who served for our country? According to his mother, Zebrowski was attacked completely unprovoked. Her story makes it seem that the FIJI’s jumped Zebrowski in front of their house without any reason or warning, but her description of the event does not answer the previous question. 

According to a tip sent to the popular Greek website TotalFratMove, a possible reason for this attack may be related to the ivy that covers the front of the house. From the tip:

“These guys are pretty serious about they ivy that covers the front of their house. Most fraternities send over a couple of pledges every year for a covert mission to try and steal some and an all out brawl usually breaks out because of it. It is all fun an games among ledges. Looks like this poor guy stumbled to the front of the house and the Phi Gams thought we was trying to get some of their precious ivy.” 

This has not been confirmed and is merely one theory. It is very possible that Zebrowski was the one who started the attack. He was coming home from the bars and is likely to have been drinking. Zebrowski has yet to make any statements himself,  so for now all the public has to go on is a story from his mother who was not a witness. 

What do you think of all this? Do you think Alabama will be able to live down the bad press they’re received in the last two months? Tell us in the comments below!


Nicole is a senior at Auburn University majoring in journalism with a minor in marketing. She is a Campus Corespondent (CC) for Auburn's chapter. She enjoys long walks to class, fine wines and cheeses and spending time with her cat. Nicole can most likely be found at a music festival or in her bed. There are no inbetweens.