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8 Things You Should Do Over Thanksgiving

​Thanksgiving break is right around the corner; finally, a week of relaxation and celebration! Here are some things to remember to do with all of your time off:

1. Go shopping with your mom.

I don’t know about everybody else, but my mom and I like to spend time together by doing some much-needed retail therapy. With the holidays right around the corner, you might as well take advantage of the Black Friday sales. This is also a fun way to get some quailty time with your mom, when you can really catch up on your lives without the distraction of work or school. 

2. Go on a run with your dad.

I know, Thanksgiving break is the time you have been looking forward to spending sleeping, watching Netflix, and eating a ton of turkey; nobody wants to exercise. But for me, running was something that my Dad always used to do with me back in high school, and it really shaped who I am today and brought us closer together. It’s important to find the things that you and your parents enjoy doing together.

4. Binge watch Breaking Bad with your brothers.

Staying in touch with your siblings can be tough in college, because it’s probably the first time you don’t live together, and you have to figure how best and how often to communicate. It can become easy to neglect those relationships. Holidays are the time to catch up with them, and actually hang out with them. Doing something as simple as going out for your favorite fast food, or going to see that ridiculous Kevin Hart movie, are great ways to really spend time together. Don’t let yourself sit on the couch texting all day when you could be spending time with them.

5. Call your grandparents.

Plenty of people see their grandparents over Thanksgiving, but for those who maybe live farther away and can’t travel over the holiday, you should give them a call. This is the time of the year when family is especially important, so even if you can’t spend the holiday with them, you can at least call them and let them know that you’re thinking about them. As with all of your family, it’s probably difficult to keep in touch while at school when your scheduling is overwhelming and hectic. The holidays are the time to make up for that.

6. Walk your dog.

Pets need attention too, and since you’ve been away at school all semester, it’s time to make up for all of the bones and walks you’ve missed giving them.

6. Catch up with your high school friends.

Most people have a few good, close friends from high school who they still stay in close touch with. Some also have those friends who they slowly grew apart from, and don’t often see when they’re in town. Thanksgiving is a great time to reach out to those friends who you haven’t kept in touch with as much, and at least let them know you’re thinking of them. You can do anything as simple as sending a quick text saying you hope their semester is going well, or asking about particular classes.

7. Reach out to old teachers.

Most people have a few teachers in high school who truly impacted their lives and shaped who they are. I know plenty of people who stay in touch with old teachers over social media; I myself have a few teachers from high school as friends on Facebook. Thanksgiving is great time to send them an email or Facebook message wishing them well over the holidays, and maybe thanking them for being such a great influence on your life.

8. Thank your parents.

This is definitely the most important thing college students need to do over Thanksgiving break. At least in my case, my parents are the reason that I am the person I am today, and they are the reason that I have all of the opportunities that I have. They support me throughout everything. In college, it can become easy to forget how much your parents have done and are doing for you. Being home over the break gives you the opportunity to thank them more personally than you can over the phone. Thank them by taking their yoga class with them, doing the grocery shopping with them, cooking the apple pie with them, watching old Pixar movies that they still know and love and spontaneously buying them their favorite Starbucks drink. The best thing you can do is spend time with them, even if it’s doing arbitrary things like sorting through the holiday decorations. This time you have with them is precious—don’t waste it, but instead give thanks for them and all of the wonderful people in your life. 


Grace is a sophomore in graphic design at Auburn University. She hopes to pursue a career that combines her interests of design/visual arts and the humanities. Grace has always been passionate about writing, along with music, art, science fiction novels, detective shows, and, occasionally, exercising. You can typically find Grace rushing around campus with coffee and her studio supplies. 
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