5 Ways to Combat the Sunday Scaries

It rolls around every week… the dreaded Monday eve, AKA the Sunday Scaries. Me, being the procrastinator that I am, tend to have the scariest of Sunday’s. Here’s how I plan to try and get my life together in 5 steps. I may implement these, but then again, I may keep on being the terrible human that I am.


Do my homework on Friday afternoons as to avoid the Sunday crunch time.

On Fridays, you're still in school mode, which will make it easier to get it all done. Then, you can enjoy the rest of you're weekend stress-free and homework-free!


Get up at a reasonable hour and not sleep my day away.

As tempting as it is to sleep in until noon on the weekends, that's already half your day gone! Getting up earlier than this will make sure you have plenty of time for all your errands (not to mention the yummy breakfast food at most places).


Fold the clothes that have been sitting in the laundry basket for days.

Wrinkly clothes just aren't in style, and we all have that "chair" or "basket' that holds all the clean laundry while we're too lazy or busy to put it away. Save your time ironing by putting it away right, and keep your clothes looking beautiful!


Put my week’s activities in my planner as to avoid the entire week scaries.

Planners are essential for getting your life together, since everything that's due or needs to be turned in is in there. Investing in a high-quality one will be worth it in the long run!


Take a nap to reward yourself for getting up at a decent hour.

If getting up early has you regretting everything, naps are the greatest rewards for getting things done! A quick snooze will revitalize you enough to get the rest of it finished while holding you over until bed time.